What We Do 


Are you ready for the challenges of pivoting to digital delivery of your service with content? The time poor consumer has now become the distracted consumer.


Everything we thought we understood about consumer engagement principals have changed dramatically and how we create and consume digital entertainment has been turned on its head.


Where direct consumer relationships with content providers seemed like the way forward, they present unique dilemmas to the burden consumer. Companies that are to be successful in the future entertainment space need to find a balance that engages and simplifies, without compromising complexity.


To successfully form a relationship with a consumer in 2021, you need to be more than a service provider, more than a content creator. You have to be a living breathing, functioning idea.


Our clients range from digital gaming stores, digital infrastructure providers, game publishers, high end audio manufacturers, wholesale bandwidth suppliers and the next generation game developers.


We provide strategic guidance, consultation and strategies that optimise and leverage your digital assets or consumer goods that share and appeal to many of the same customer types.  


With more than thirty years of combined experience in variety of entertainment industry engagements, V2 is the only consultancy that can deliver the 360-degree view, and the micro execution strategy.


V2POINT0 PTE LTD (V2) provides expertise in the field of digital content and consumer electronics. We understand how to optimise the lifecycles of intellectual property and digital entertainment assets.