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Leonard Soosay - Producer.

PHOTO: Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios Singapore 2013 with his Grado PS500's

Leonard Soosay is the Director of Singapore-based recording and mixing studio, Snakeweed Studios. Soosay arguably one of Singapore's most famous independent Music Producers and Sound Engineers, has produced and recorded over 500 local artists since 1997 such as Electrico, Ronin and Parking Lot Pimp. His discography is a comprehensive listing of independent music in Singapore and South East Asia over the past 15 years.

He has recorded 3 Dash 1, 59 Minutes, A Vacant Affair, Absinth, The Afterglow Burns, another Sunday afternoon, Astroninja, B-Quartet, The Boredphucks (later known as The Suns), Camra, Caracal, Cccrush, Cheryl Miles, Deputy Siren, doxymedon, duxton plains, Electrico, Elsa Kidspy, exzit ntrance, Fiona Xie, The Fire Fight, Firebrands, fishtank, flybar, Force Vomit, fuzzbox, The Great Spy Experiment, Headpoppaz, Hear Me Toby, helmsky, her own reflection, Inch Chua, I Am David Sparkle, if, impiety, itnos, John Siow, kate of kale, Lady E, Leeson, Low End Sun, Manifest, marchtwelve, marilyns, The Moderates, Monofone, Moods, morpheus dream, Mr Sharma, my squared circle, Neural Vibe, nothing to declare, ntu hall 5 quintsical productions, oligarchy, One Way Alley, oshiego, ossuary, page, Parking Lot Pimp, pension state, Plainsunset, progeria, pug jelly, pulse, return to fall, Ronin,The Roses, ruffedge, sam loser, saw loser, set for glory, the sexies, shamejoannshame, sharlene, sherenes closet, shirlyn tan, skive, sky in euphoria, slowjax, snyxti, strayvoice, stroll, summers over, sun ho, Surreal, syawla evol, tanglin trust, urban x'change, usv, Vertical Rush, Voiceout, West Grand Boulevard, Zero Sequence and The Zse Zse Zses.


Amanda Ling - Keyboardist/DJ.

PHOTO: Amanda Ling DJing at W Hotel, Singapore 2013 with her Grado SR125's

One of the most recognizable faces in Singapore's music community, Amanda is a regular high profiled DJ and member of award winning Singapore super group "In Each Hand A Cutlass" First coming to prominence in as keyboardist in Singapore's regional chart topping band Electrico in 2003, Amanda has gone on to session with local bands like Plainsunset, The Fire Fight and Meltngsnow. Regionally Amanda has played keys for Philippines based band Pupil, who opened for Nine Inch Nails and Tears For Fears in Manila. Most recently Amanda is keyboardist for Singapore's', In Each Hand A Cutlass, who's debut album, "A Universe Made Of Strings" went on to win Best Instrumental/World Music Award at the VMA Awards 2011. Also a prominent local DJ whom plays under the name DJ Doopz, Amanda can be found at some of Singapore best known clubs playing an eclectic mix of of downtempo, trip-hop, ambient electronica and dancefloor tech/house remixes. Amanda also has ventured in film scoring and sound design for local indie film V1K1 by Tzang Merwyn Tong and ITE.


In Each Hand A Cutlass.

PHOTO: In Each Hand A Cutlass (2014)

In Each Hand A Cutlass are an instrumental act comprising of some well known musicians in the Asia music scene. Its lineup currently consists of indie rock veteran Daniel Sassoon (Electrico, Livonia, The Recidivists), keyboardist / DJ Amanda Ling (The Synth Experience, Electrico, Throb), drum wizard Jordan Cheng (Rafe, For This Cycle), bassist Nelson Tan, a professional on the music circuit for close to a decade and Sujin Thomas completes the lineup as guitarist. This band of sonic pirates blends progressive rock, ambient, post rock and metal elements, casting all music boundaries aside, to create epic sprawling yearning songs that alternate between lifting your spirit and kicking your butt. The band released their debut full length album, "A Universe Made Of Strings" independently on 24 June 2011. The album was produced by notable producer (and former guitarist) Roland Lim and mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth / Soilwork / James LaBrie fame) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. The album was released in conjunction with their album launch show entitled "The Amaranthine Voyage" at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, where they played a triumphant and high-octane set to a sold-out capacity at the Recital Studio. IEHAC has since played some high profile shows, including the inaugural People's Party fest held in Singapore, alongside Bombay Bicycle Club, The Naked and Famous, Metronomy and The Jezabels. They were voted "Best Band of 2011" by Juice Magazine and also won the "Best Instrumental/World Music" award for "Helmets And Fiery Endings" at the VIMA Awards 2011, which honours independent musicians from Asia. IEHAC was also nominated for "Best Music Act" in the Elle awards for 2011. They are currently recording new material for their upcoming album due in 2015, as well as working on shows and releases in the Asian region and beyond. In Each Hand A Cutlass is not just a band with a fancy name. It is a statement of intent.